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Three real life examples of improved companies' results via the Helix approach:


  1. Insurance Agency Operations (Sales):  Three-day session to develop the annual tactical plan.  Result:  Initiatives developed and implemented resulted in 18% increase in Life sales.  In the rest of the industry Life sales were flat that year.  Executive directly credited the three-day planning session with setting up this success.
  1. Corporate director of a large automobile manufacture continuous quality improvement task force:  “What you helped us achieve in just two days would have taken our task force six weeks to accomplish.”  (Note:  this was because the task force was trying to facilitate itself ).
  1. A regional telephone company:  Reduced average commercial customer change order process time from 100+ elapsed hours to less than 50 hours without touching any of the I/T systems.


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Client Quote:

" The results are in -- and, without qualification, our officers agree that
this was one of the most valuable planning meetings they have ever attended."

Executive VP of Global Services for a Bank