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Process Improvement, Process Management: Assisted an international computer products and services company in the development of their process reengineering methodology.

A US airline: Facilitation of improvement to the support processes for the on-line reservations system.

A US automobile manufacturing company: Assistance in the development of a process to transform the company into a continuous improvement corporation for the 21st century. Also assisted them in developing a benchmarking process.

An international computer company: Development of a process improvement methodology. Training of personnel in the methodology and in facilitation techniques.

A US aircraft manufacturer: Facilitated the improvement of the cycle time of a fighter aircraft project's development process.

Services that build process management and improve service delivery. What are your process management and service delivery issues?

Certified HelixPLAN Facilitator

Client Quote:

" The results are in -- and, without qualification, our officers agree that
this was one of the most valuable planning meetings they have ever attended."

Executive VP of Global Services for a Bank