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We have trained over 120 people at a large bank They are using HelixPLAN to do process improvement, six sigma quality improvements, develop business strategies and plans in various organizations within the bank.

The Helix Group trained the internal consulting group for a US automobile manufacturer.  They are using HelixPLAN in their continuous improvement program.

 We have trained over 240 consultants in two international consulting firmsOne firm uses HelixPLAN in their IT consulting services practice, the other in their organizational change management practice.

 Helix has trained 18 IT business analysts at a large energy companyThey are using HelixPLAN to help their internal clients develop their business plans and to define IT requirements.

Helix trained some principals at an IT services company.  They use HelixPLAN to help their clients set priorities and define their requirements.  After one client planning session, the client sponsor, who was relatively new to the company,  declared that in one day he had learned more about his own organization, its problems and priorities, than he had been able to figure out in his first three months on the job.

Training services that build successful businesses. What are the benefits of being a Certified HelixPLAN Facilitator?


Certified HelixPLAN Facilitator

Client Quote:

" The results are in -- and, without qualification, our officers agree that
this was one of the most valuable planning meetings they have ever attended."

Executive VP of Global Services for a Bank