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What differentiates the HelixPLAN Facilitation Methodology?

HelixPLAN differentiates itself from other forms of facilitation/moderation by its client results, its methodology and its application to other consulting frameworks and methods.

How often do you or your clients attend a really productive meeting?
HelixPLAN achieves a higher level of meeting productivity and a higher level of participant buy-in and satisfaction with the meeting results than any other facilitation method or means that we know of. It is quick, engaging, and robust and brings people to committed decisions, plans and actions. Meetings facilitated with HelixPLAN produce high client satisfaction.

Most facilitation methods are at a concepts, principles and rules-of-behavior level. HelixPLAN has taken this to the more pragmatic level -- a structured methodology with a set of tools and materials to do session design, preparation, facilitation and facilitation and report writing. For any question, there is a defined and scripted technique to get the question answered quickly, and with closure. The methodology generates the optimum set of questions to be used in order to achieve the objectives of a session. Since questions are asked in some sequence, the techniques are modular and connect together to get the results needed. The methodology also generates the optimum set of questions to be dealt with in order to achieve the objectives of a session. A unique feature in the methodology is a facilitation kit of materials that enables client participants to compare, contrast, summarize and conclude any other method available method we know of or ever have seen. The materials applied to the techniques also highly accelerate cause-and-effect analysis, priority negotiations, and performance assessments. All of the techniques produce results that can be completely documented.

To use an analogy, at the sandlot level of football, you can run the ball, pass, punt or place kick. You draw plays in the sand during the huddle. You have four downs to somehow make 10 yards. On the other hand, at the organized team level of football, you have a playbook with a variety of running and passing plays for various situations. The plays have names. The plays are understood and practiced by all the players. There are conditions or strategies for which plays you use and when. Most facilitation methods are at the sandlot level. HelixPLAN is at the NFL (National Football League) professional football team level. Football plays are analogous to HelixPLAN techniques, and there are strategies and conditions for which techniques you use and when. A complete game plan is developed using these plays (techniques), and the game plans (session designs) are tailored to each game (session purpose and client situation).

The methodology is documented. A training and reference manual is in place. The manual includes sections on how to perform do each technique, how to design a session, and how to write a report of session results, facilitation principles, logistics, and materials, and more. The techniques within the methodology are well defined and scripted. There are PC tools to do session design, session preparation (including the creation of participant instruction slides to facilitate each step in the session), and report writing. A three-day training course is in place.

The methodology is stable. It is mature. It is reliable -- it works
consistently and predictably. It is portable -- HelixPLAN does not rely on computer technology during the facilitation of the session itself. The facilitation materials come in a kit that ships easily to any location

One person can design a session using the PC design tool, and someone else trained in the methodology can facilitate the design. A key advantage  is that repeatable sessions with multiple clients can be designed only once, then distributed for unlimited use again and again by anyone in your firm who is trained in the methodology. HelixPLAN already includes many of these reusable session designs in its training/reference manual (e.g., Determining sessions to do, critical success factors; analyzing an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Analysis; doing focused improvement planning; developing strategic initiatives Development). The Helix Group even uses HelixPLAN to develop client engagement plans. Applying HelixPLAN to existing consulting frameworks or methods achieves a higher level of productivity and a higher level of client buy-in and satisfaction than any other method or means available, that we know of.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Strategic Planning, Change
Management, Engagement Interviews, Tactical Planning, Project Planning, Issues Analysis, Problem Analysis, Action Planning, Process Design, Process Re-engineering or Improvement, Six Sigma, Goal Setting, Measurement Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, Organization Effectiveness.

HelixPLAN is a rock-solid methodology that applies to the full spectrum of business planning, development, implementation and results.


Certified HelixPLAN Facilitator

Client Quote:

" The HelixPLAN kits are a great deal.  It's not worth my time to put together my own materials by going to three or four different stores, and I can't find some of the materials anyway, plus you ship the materials to the location where I will be running the session with my client.  Done!"