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IT Organizational Effectiveness:

How can I improve and accelerate the alignment of IT plans and
strategies with corporate direction?

Do you need to jump-start I/T organization effectiveness?

Are you thinking about reorganizing?

Does your I/T organization need a realistic health assessment?

Organizational Design:

Are roles and responsibilities a tangled web in your organization?

Do your tactical plans lack strategic guidance?

We seem to only get things done through committees.

Are your goals, objectives, strategies, measures and targets firmly established, linked and managed?

What would be a good way to implement an improvement program for I/T organization effectiveness?

Do we need to develop our ability to do effective strategic planning?

Do you need to have a highly successful off-site planning session with your management team?

Does your organization need a realistic health assessment?

What is your satisfaction level that your organization's strategies and plans are being implemented?

How can we improve and accelerate I/T organization effectiveness?

How can we acquire an effective way to facilitate meetings which result in solid action plans and a high level of buy-in?

How can we productively establish plans and priorities for our organization?
Do turf battles exist in your organization over who owns what?

Is facilitation of meetings a problem for you or your organization?

How can we acquire some effective methods for improving I/T organization effectiveness?

Did the last off-site planning session not go well?

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Business strategic planning retreat

Client Quote:

" The workshop was excellent in every respect: It was results oriented, I liked the process, it dealt with relevant issues,
it was an excellent vehicle for combining division concerns, it was well structured,
it was enjoyable, and the knowledge level and experience of the leaders was excellent.."

Vice President of a Western Utility Company