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The Helix Group has an innovative way of converting management issues into effective decisions, plans, buy-in and actions.  We also achieve a high level of teamwork along the way.



The scope of planning issues ranges from the development of a corporate strategic plan to "the things we need to do next" to solve an immediate problem.   We call this the development of plan content.  There may also be the underlying issue of how to do planning more effectively on an ongoing basis.  We call this the planning process.  The Helix Group has a wealth of experience with these issues.  Have a look at the concepts and approaches we employ.


Process Issues?

Getting a process designed, developed, implemented and/or improved.  The Helix Group has some very effective methods to achieve these kinds of results.  We will also train you or your staff in these methods so you can do it yourself.


Organization Effectiveness Issues?

Organization effectiveness can involve structure, responsibility, authority, interactions, dependencies, policies, mission, boundaries, strategies, plans, priorities, competencies, culture/style, processes, governance, metrics, and/or technology and tools.  The Helix Group's consulting methodologists have been consulting on these issues since the very early 1980's.


Communication Issues?

Do you use committees in your organization?  Want them to work better?


Meetings and Planning Sessions Issues?

"We meet and we talk and we talk, and nothing happens!"  "Why are these sessions so hard?"  False modesty aside, The Helix Group has world-class methods for getting meeting or planning session results.  Guaranteed.  No brag, just fact.


Teamwork Issues?

Team-developed solutions.  Agreement.  Buy-in.  Commitment. Efficient.  If you like the sound of those words, have a look at Teamwork


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Client Quote:

" The workshop was excellent in every respect: It was results oriented, I liked the process, it dealt with relevant issues,
it was an excellent vehicle for combining division concerns, it was well structured,
it was enjoyable, and the knowledge level and experience of the leaders was excellent.."

Vice President of a Western Utility Company