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Facilitation Kits that Optimize Planning Session Technology

If you facilitate planning sessions, what is the most important technology you use?

Your planning session materials of course!

The Helix Group and it's clients Certified HelixPLAN Facilitators have conducted thousands of planning sessions and has evolved an optimum inventory list of materials for facilitating a planning session. The Helix Group offers a complete planning session materials kit. The specially made idea cards and voting forms are great! The kit and materials contribute to a distinctive, productive planning session.

The Facilitation Kits Include Unique, Specially Designed Materials:

  Materials User's Guide 1     Importance Assessment forms 16
  Rubber bands 12 |   Performance Assessment forms 16
  "Tent" Name Cards 12     4-foot-wide roll of paper, 75 ft. 1
  Question title cards 50 |   Razor blade paper-cutting knife 1
  Fourth-color cards 50     Felt-tip water soluble pens 24
  Idea generation cards 1200 |   3M Brand Masking Tape 2
  Idea summarization cards 400     3M 75 adhesive spray 2
  Voting dots, 2 colors 1600 |   "Painter's" dust mask 1
  "T' Push pins 18     Shoe protectors 2


A kit of materials in these quantities will be sufficient for 12 participants for up to three days.


Some important items you just can't find; so we have developed them to make a truly complete professional kit:

  • A materials user's guide which provides useful hints and instructions on such things as the best way to put paper up, how to spray the right amount of adhesive glue onto the paper, how to manage the cards on the wall.

  • Idea cards especially manufactured to the perfect size, and with the right amount of porosity; so they stick easily, stay up, and with the added benefit that they do not "squeak" when participants are printing ideas on them.

  • Flip-chart sized assessment forms for performance or importance rankings.

  • All the little things that make a working session go smoothly.

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HelixPLAN Facilitation Methodology Kit

Client Quote:

" I can't believe we got
so much done in such a short time."

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