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Business Planning and Planning Process Development:

The road maps for business success are often evolutionary and full of pot holes. The Helix Group is experienced at developing tailored planning processes that fit an organization's planning readiness level and decision-making culture. Also, The Helix Group has created and uses a unique methodology for the design, development and facilitation of executive planning sessions. With this key assistance, the client group develops either the strategic or tactical plan.

The Helix Group's experience in strategic and tactical planning processes can assist your corporation or functional division (Sales, Service, I/T, Manufacturing, etc.) in developing its strategic and/or tactical planning process. A well implemented, planning process will maintain the road maps defined by Business Strategic/Tactical Planning.


What are your business planning issues? See How Helix Group has helped other businesses with the planning process.


HelixPLAN working session

Client quote:

" What HelixPLAN helped us achieve in just two days would have taken our task force six weeks to accomplish."

Corporate Director of process improvement
of a major U.S. Automobile Manufacturer