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Process Improvement / Process Management:

If there is a selected process (e.g., Customer Service, Market Development, etc.) that needs focus, the Helix Group can assist the client group to develop, continuously improve, or re-engineer the process. This effort can be coordinated with the creation of an enterprise-wide process model.

If there is a need to enhance the management of processes within
the corporation or a functional division, The Helix Group can assist
in the design, development or implementation of a process reengineering process, a continuous improvement process, and/or a process development process.


What are your process improvement/management issues? See How Helix Group has helped others with process improvement and process management.


Certified HelixPLAN Facilitator

Client quote:

" What HelixPLAN helped us achieve in just two days would have taken our task force six weeks to accomplish."

Corporate Director of process improvement
of a major U.S. Automobile Manufacturer