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HelixPLAN Facilitation Methodology Certification:

What are the benefits to you and your company?

With HelixPLAN training and certification comes a set of benefits of value to you and your company.

After successfully completing the HelixPLAN training class, you will be registered as a certified member of the HelixPLAN community on the Helix Group web site. This will provide you with access to intellectual property not available to the general public, such as:

  • a searchable repository of workshop designs

  • updated tools and templates

  • frameworks for thinking and session design

  • searchable member data base

  • email capability with other members in the community

  • whitepapers

For your company the concept of reusable workshop designs and HelixPLAN's intrinsic leveraging of peoples time (i.e. You will get twice as much done in half the time) is a major productivity enhancement for the company.

HelixPLAN Facilitation Methodology Training What differentiates the HelixPLAN Facilitation Methodology?

HelixPLAN training class


Client Quote:

" What HelixPLAN helped us achieve in just two days would have taken our task force six weeks to accomplish."

Corporate Director of process improvement
of a major U.S. Automobile Manufacturer