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HelixPLAN Facilitation Methodology Training
A HelixPLAN® class can accommodate no less than five (5) and no more than nine (9) people. The duration of the class is twenty-four hours scheduled over three consecutive days.  The objective during a three-day class is to train the participants in the HelixPLAN facilitation methodology.

At the completion of the class, you will have acquired the skill to:

  • Facilitate sessions
  • Design and prepare facilitated sessions
  • Report results of facilitated sessions
This HelixPLAN facilitation methodology includes:
  • A robust set of facilitation techniques.
  • Session design concepts and tools.
  • Methods and templates for writing reports of facilitated session results.

We think you will like the methodology and the class.

What previous class participants have said about the HelixPLAN facilitation methodology:

  • Provides a framework to think through and build engagements
  • Building block approach.
  • Easily integrates to other methods.
  • Can be applied to diverse situations.
  • Provides a complete language and context to think about and design facilitated sessions.
  • Comprehensives set of facilitation techniques that are easy to combine.
  • High comfort level that each technique will work.
  • Self-documenting.
  • It works!
  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • Fast, effective. Gets twice as much done in half the time.

What previous class participants have said about the training:

  • You leave with a process you can use immediately.
  • Is results-oriented, actionable.
  • Quality, experienced-based instruction.
  • Easy flow to class structure.
  • Good pace.
  • Process well thought out.
  • Interactive learn by doing.
  • Fun.
  • Activities/materials that can be used later for real.
  • Thorough / paced well.
  • Good materials.
  • Instruction was effective & enjoyable.
  • Instructors very approachable and knowledgeable.
  • Frequent breaks helped group to focus.

Here is what you can expect to take place during the HelixPLAN class:

  • Day 1, understanding the concepts, architecture, and principles to HelixPLAN. Understanding how the first seven or so of the 15 HelixPLAN techniques work by being active participants and observers as they are demonstrated.
  • Day 2, will primarily be a day of learning by experiencing, doing and observing. You will have an opportunity to practice and to watch how others do it. Techniques not introduced the first day will be demonstrated. Day 2 will also include learning HelixPLAN modules and scenarios -- frequently used combinations of HelixPLAN techniques.
  • Day 3, will focus on session design. Working in a small team with two or three other participants, you will have an opportunity to design:
  • A Critical Success Factors planning session scenario. This will be a take-away from the class that you will have ready for off the shelf use when the need arises.
  • A complete planning session given only the session objective and a list of topics for the session. These session objectives and topics will be germane to your consulting work; so the session you design will be another take-away.

We will also do a guided tour of the report writing techniques associated with facilitated HelixPLAN sessions.

The following class materials will be provided:

  • A HelixPLAN reference binder.
  • A CD containing:
    • The boilerplate overheads.
    • Planning session design tools.
    • Session results report-writing templates.
  • A complete HelixPLAN kit of facilitation materials will be shipped to
    you the week after the class. (Optional)
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HelixPLAN training class

Client Quote:

" What HelixPLAN helped us achieve in just two days would have taken our task force six weeks to accomplish."

Corporate Director of process improvement
of a major U.S. Automobile Manufacturer